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2015 Southern Ohio Motocross
Thanks for another great year!!

Banquet information posted here!

$10,000 handed out last year

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Round 1    COCR 4/12/15
Round 2    Treaty City  4/26/15
Round 3    COCR 5/03/15
Round 4    DMC 5/17/15
Round 5    DC 5/31/15

Round 6    Treaty City 6/07/15
Round 7    COCR Rescheduled (7/26/15)
Round 8    DMC 6/21/15(Canx)
Round 9    DC 6/28/15
Round 10  Treaty City 7/19/15(Canx)
Round 11  DC 8/02/15
Round 12  DMC 8/09/15
Round 13  DMC 8/23/15
Round 14  Route 62 9/06/15
Round 15  Route 62 9/07/15
Round 16  COCR 9/13/15
Round 17  Treaty City 9/20/15
Round 18  DC 9/27/15

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2015 Points Updated Print


Results from Round 18 are posted!

To qualify for year end awards, racers must race 50% of total rounds actually ran and not scheduled. So if all races finish up as scheduled you must run a minimum of 8 races to qualify for year end awards.
Any questions:


It pays to FLY in FLY RACING Gear! FLY Racing is proud to support another year of the Southern Ohio MX Series for 2014. Fly Racing supports local racing through the FLY Racer Contingency Program and your local motorcycle dealer! Check out the great benefits available for registered racers.

See our 2014 Race Southern Ohio MX Series race schedule for race dates:

How to get Registered

Rider must purchase (1) complete set of pants, jersey, and glove from the 2014 FLY Racing Line . 2014 FLY Racing Line consists of : Evolution Gear, Kinetic Gear, Lite Hydro Gear, and F-16 Gear in either Adult or Youth sizes.

Purchases are to be from any FLY retailer. Must provide original purchased receipt.

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